Elder Giles

Elder Giles
Elder Giles in Brazil

Monday, December 19, 2016

Elder Giles at Brazil CTM (Portuguese) in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cool Tag!! 

Elder Giles at the Sao Paulo Temple in Sao Paulo, Brazil 

SILLY!! Two sister missionaries and Elder Giles 

Elders, Sisters and Elder Giles 

Elder Giles and his new companion, Elder Damasceno in Brazlandia, Brazil
(I hope it s the right companion)
Monday, 19 December, 2016 

We will skype around 4 or 5 local time here. I'm in Brazl├óndia which is like 2 hours by bus from Brasilia I think. My first week is over with and it was really hard. People here speak Portuguese really fast and it's hard to understand but we have a few baptismal dates so that's cool. I will speak with you more on Christmas day (dia de Natal). We will call around 4 or 5 local time (here in Brazlandia). I think it will be around 1 or 12:00 in the afternoon for you. Anyways, Will be seeing you soon over Skype. 

Elder Giles

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wednesday, 7 December, 2016 

Thank you Mom! I heard from lots of friends and stuff that it has been snowing in Utah. Very cool! When I get to Brasilia, I think I want you to send those tan pants I have, and maybe, another pair. My friend has some. I will email you what kind they are very cool. Maybe I buy and you send to me. This is my last P Day. I am excited to leave MTC. Ha ha. My Portuguese is getting better. I can pretty much say anything I want to. I'll email you how it goes when I get to my mission. Right now Everything is fine. Byeeeee 

 Love Elder Giles