Elder Giles

Elder Giles
Elder Giles in Brazil

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday, 16 January, 2017 

This week, it has rained a lot. So much!! Every road becomes a little river when it rains. And there is so much lightning here. Every storm has lighting. Like 3 times this week the town has almost flooded. Everywhere we walk has a few inches of water. haha. Every day I have to dry my shoes outside because they are so wet. I'm learning a lot still, and I dream and think in Portuguese sometimes!. There is shootings here sometimes but it was a lot worse when I first got here. A drunk man grabbed me the other day. It was very scary because he is a very tall. He was yelling at me because I was white. haha. But the work is still good here. Having problems with baptisms because people don't go to church so we have to post pone. but we get a lot of teaching done every day. We walk for hours. I'm so tired every day, but I know its for a good thing. To help people change. It's just hard when they wont listen to me. And I feel like I'm forgetting sign language haha.  I'm very happy for Joseph and Zach too. I will pray for him too.

Elder Giles

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