Elder Giles

Elder Giles
Elder Giles in Brazil

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nov 2, 2016 

 We make it safe, it was a long flight but I met a friend right away and everyone I've met is pretty cool. My companion is Elder Rast from Texas. I see a lot of people I met in High School here so that is cool too. On the airplane flight I saw a big storm in the middle of the ocean it was cool. When we landed here in Sao Paulo I saw how big city was from the air and its seems like a really poor place. There is lots of favelas or ghetto areas. I'm not really sure what else to say its only been a day so I'm not nervous or anything yet I guess. It kinda feels like when I first got to Boot Camp but not as hard. Ha Ha. I'll be writing again. It is also very hot and super humid I had to change my clothes because they are wet. Ha Ha. and I am also very hungry. Hope to eat soon, well hope all is well at home. Will be seeing you late.

 Love, Elder Giles

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